Qiao Kang Qiao Kang

PhD Student
Computer Science
Rice University

3006 Duncan Hall
6100 Main St., MS 132
Houston TX 77005-1892

E-mail: qiaokang1213 at gmail dot com
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I'm a PhD student at CS department of Rice University, advised by Prof. Ang Chen (starting from 2018 fall). I received my BS and MS degrees from Beihang University in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Before joining Rice, I was an OS kernel developer in VMware Inc. from 2017.1 to 2018.6.

I am interested in network systems, operating systems, and their security. My current research focus is called Programmable In-network Security (Poise), which seeks to make futures networks fundamentally more secure with programmable data planes.



NetWarden paper accepted by USENIX Security 2020.


Poise paper accepted by USENIX Security 2020.


A preliminary work paper accepted by CSET 2019.


On Life

I'm married to Siyu Xie in July, 2018.

I do a lot of sports - my favoriate is full-court (5 vs. 5) basketball games. I like shooting threes in transitions. My favoriate NBA player is Stephen Curry. I also like our local team Houston Rockets but I'm not a huge fan of it...